Thursday, March 31, 2011


So I'm home today with Thoracic Outlet Syndrome...sounds fun right...
Basically its an injury that athletes get from throwing things above their head. Now you're saying "how in the world would you have something like this?". Well apparently it's also something you get from neck injuries in car accidents. BINGO! The man who took off after destroying my car and my neck several years ago is still ruining my life. Haha! I guess that it is also inflamed by stress and boy do I have plenty of that.
My neck and back are aching, my arm and hand are numb, therefore, I'm sitting on the couch all day watching movies.
God is funny you know. Is this his way of saying "Laura slow down you need some rest!"???
I have enjoyed myself today, sitting and watching movies but all I can think about is school. Because you see...that is all I think about. How am I going to get my kids to behave, be motivated, ready for first grade, to subtract, to read??? The list goes on and on. I guess it comes with being a new teacher.
On top of being a new teacher though, I am unsure of where I'll be next year. I interviewed for the new school in Sanger and will hopefully figure out if I will be teaching there. When they tell us the news April 15th, I hope they tell us what grade level we will have too!

I've been waiting for my new car to get here for hmmm....5 weeks! I've lost all patience.
They say expected arrival date in April 4th. Let's hope they are right!

Sorry for my venting blog. Just thought I'd fill you in.