Thursday, October 28, 2010

My Much Busier Life

I started a sub job this week for a Reading Development Teacher. It turns out that she is expected to be gone through the end of next month. So today I was asked to stay until she got back....but I start my long term sub job next Friday. So I will continue my week long sub job through Tuesday next week. I felt bad that I had to say I was unavailable.  O well, at least I know I'm wanted. It was so nice to hear that I was referred for that job and others. I hope and pray that next year I will have a job! :) Anyways, this week has been fun getting to go to different classes and work with students from each class. I have my own little cubbie-hole office where I hide out during my lunchtime. I can't wait to start my long-term sub in kindergarten next week though!

I am trying to avoid getting sick, like everyone at this time of year. My remedy has been orange juice every morning. Now I'm starting to have some phlemy...(I know gross) stuff in my throat. Not sure what that is but it's not a good thing and it needs to go away.

I know not too interesting.... haha

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