Sunday, November 14, 2010

20 More Days!

Hello, Hello!
My life has gone from lazy and bored to busy, busy busy! I started my long-term sub earlier than expected and didn't get a chance to "shadow" the teacher I was taking over for. I started on a Wednesday and had to cancel a few other pre-arranged jobs so that the kids would have some consistency. Wednesday, oh was the day I reconsidered being a teacher. The class I am subbing for is really challenging. I have had a chance to grow as a teacher in classroom management and parent communication though. I can't tell you exactly what happens during my days....let's just say that when I get home I crash. During the day I am wishing that I had 5 extra hands to corral kids. I have little help, actually none until I call the office in desperate need of help and I have been told this is the most challenging class at school. I asked the parents for help last week and had little response... I actually had Jason come in on Wednesday. What a help he was!
What I've done to survive:
-Non-stop prayer. In the morning I pray over all the little seats in that classroom. I know that if I do this I can remember that my day with these students is an opportunity for me to show them love and consistency that they may not know.
-Sleep. I love sleep. I haven't been able to sleep that well at night because I am thinking about what is going to happen at school the next day.
- Notepad on my nightstand. When I am thinking of the next day I think of ideas and write them down so that I can sleep better.
- Close communication with administrators. I call them at any moment...and they will be there! What a big help!!

What I've learned:
-Always expect the unexpected. (I've safely hidden scissors, pencil sharpeners, and any other sharp item in the classroom)
- Consistency. I've always known this but know I really know that it works!
- Friends are always helpful! Thanks Beth! (Beth helped me Wednesday night putting all my turkey hats together. I would have been there till probably 8 o' clock if she hadn't helped me.)
- Prayer and a positive attitude help me to get through the day!
- Teachers need vacations and weekends in order to stay sane. :)
- If I can look at a child like Jesus Christ would I can think of their circumstances and react with care and consideration.
- If kindergardeners have learned respect by the end of the day, I've done my job!
- I love kindergarten (I can be my crazy spastic self and it will help to keep students attention)

All in all, this has been a really great opportunity for me. I have felt invited by the staff to be a part of their team and planning and would love to get a job at Reagan next year! (Lord, are you hearing this???)

Next year, I have another long-term sub lined up in Clovis. This is another kindergarten class and I'm really excited to be working with the team of kinder teachers that I worked with during my final student teaching. Yay!

Prayer is much appreciated!!
Goodbye Friends!
-Laura Leonard